15th CROI. Boston, USA


Publicaciones o ponencias relacionadas con el congreso

  • HIV endocytosis after dendritic cell to T cell viral transfer leads to productive virus infection.

    Contacts between HIV-producing T cells and primary CD4+ T cells may induce the uptake of HIV by target cells that are endocytosed into trypsin-resistant compartments.We have now compared the mechanism of virus transmission from T cell-to-T cell versus infected dendritic cells (DCs)-to-T cell. In...
    Clotet-Codina, I., Bosch, B., Senserrich, J., Fernandez-Figueras, M. T., Pena, R., Ballana, E., Bofill, M., Clotet, B., and Este, J. A.
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  • 03/02/2008 - Differential Effect of Broadly Neutralizing anti-HIV-1 Antibodies on the Formation of Virological Synapses

    M. Massanella, I. Puigdomenech, M. Fernandez, M. Bofill, B. Clotet, and J. Blanco
  • 03/02/2008 - Impaired Replication Conferred by the N43D Gp41 Mutation Could Be Restored by Changes in the Gp120 Protein

    C. Cabrera, S. Marfil, E. Garcia, L. Ruiz, M. Bofill, B. Clotet, and J. Blanco
  • 03/02/2008 - Characterization of a Novel Mechanism of an Envelope Glycoprotein-independent HIV-1 Capture and Transmission Mediated by Mature Dendritic Cells

    N. Izquierdo-Useros, I. Erkizia-Jauregi, J. Blanco, R. Wiley, E. Newton, J. Archer, S. Hatch, B. Clotet, J. Martinez-Picado, and R. Gummuluru
  • 03/02/2008 - Cell-to-cell HIV Transmission Targets CD45RO+ CD4 T cells through LFA-1-dependent and -independent Mechanisms

    I. Puigdomenech, M. Massanella, N. Izquierdo-Useros, M. Curriu, R. Ruiz-Hernandez, M. Bofill, J. Martinez-Picado, M. Juan, B. Clotet, and J. Blanco