Trans-Pyrenean Meeting on HIV pathogenesis

29.10.15 - 30.10.15
Hotel Eden Roc, Punta de Port Salvi, s/n.
17220, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain.


Scientific program


Thursday, October 29


14h00 - 14h45. Ex vivo CD4 cell death in HIV infected individuals, J. Blanco (IrsiCaixa)


14h45 - 15h30. Autophagy in HIV-infected patients, V. Hebmann/M. Biard


15h30-16h15. Human tissue culture. Potential applications, C. Cabrera  (IrsiCaixa)


16h15 - 16h45. Coffee break


16h45 - 17h45. Signaling induced by HIV Envelopes, J. Blanco/A. Valenzuela/V. Hebmann


17h45 - 18h30. Cell death in CD4 T cell subsets, E. Gómez (IrsiCaixa)


18h30 - 19h30. General discussion



Friday, October 30


9h00 - 9h30. Autophagy as an anti-HIV mechanism, C. Daussy


9h30 - 10h00. Anti-viral autophagy in DCs, L. Papin


10h00 - 10h30. Role of Vpr in autophagy inhibition, J. Alfaisal


10h30 - 11h00. Coffee Break


11h00 - 11h30. HDAC6, a key multifunctional enzyme: from cell migration to viral infection, A. Valenzuela/S. Marrero


11h30 - 12h00. HDAC6 and autophagy, A. Valenzuela/J. Alfaisal/L. Espert


12h00 – 13h00. General discussion, concluding remarks and perspectives